Can Your Business Make Use of a Gamers’ Communications Platform? Maybe, Maybe Not

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Can Your Business Make Use of a Gamers’ Communications Platform? Maybe, Maybe Not

Discord is not considered a business-grade solution, but it does have some merits in terms of communications and collaboration. Let’s discuss some of the ways that this platform can be used to help your business. After all, there is a reason why it’s so beloved with its user base, so maybe you will find some value in it.

First, the big question: is Discord even a good tool for businesses to use?

Is Discord a Solid Business Solution?

This question does not have a clear answer, mostly because it depends on what you plan to use this solution for. Discord servers can’t be individually separated by privacy settings, so they aren’t particularly well-suited to businesses that need a tool for both internal and external communications. There is no guarantee that messages will be accessible in the future, removing it as an ideal record for recording your communications. To top it all off, the automations built into Discord, affectionately referred to as “bots,” don’t add much in terms of business utility.


While it might not be ideal for a unified communication solution, Discord does offer certain features that might make it effective under the right circumstances. For one, the solution is free, which is always a plus. Adding users is simple, as well; users can even be granted roles that dictate what they can access and do on your server.


As for the server itself, it’s critical that you understand what this really is: a live conference call line to the rest of the office. While it might be able to offer an open office environment amongst a remote team and give people the ability to start or contribute to conversations, its practicality is somewhat limited.


All that said, if you do choose to opt for Discord, here are some tips for how to effectively use it.

How to Create a Discord Server

In Discord, check the left side column. This is what is called the dashboard, and it is the place where you can open a new server. Click the + button, Name your server, select your region, and click Create. You will want to define the roles that different users on your server can have, sort of like a pseudo access control system.

How to Send Customized Invites

Once the server has been created, you can then add your users. From your new server, or the message that pops up when it’s created, select the Invite your friends option. These can be found in the dropdown menu at the upper left of your window. Select Invite People and you should see the option to search for someone by their username, invite an existing friend on the platform, or send them a link to your server.


Under the displayed link, you should see the option to Edit invite link. This gives you the ability to set an expiration date, a maximum number of users who can click it, and the ability to kick someone who uses the link out of the server once they disconnect, unless they have been given an official role. Once the link has been customized to your preference, Generate a New Link, Copy the link by pressing the button, and paste it into any message that you are sending to the user. This is all for the desktop app, by the way.


Have you ever tried or considered Discord for a business tool? If so, what was your experience like? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and be sure to reach out to us if you want a solution that is more business-minded in nature.